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Bathroom Lighting - Home & Interior Lighting

Stylish bathroom lighting is an excellent way of adding a touch of class to your bathroom or en-suite. Lights are an important consideration in the bathroom so careful consideration of the lighting scheme is worth taking time over to ensure the desired effect is created. View our full home and interior lighting range.

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Bathroom Lighting
Bathroom Wall Lights    LED Bathroom Downlights   
Bathroom Ceiling Lights    Bathroom Shaver Lights   
Bathroom Downlights    Bathroom Spot Lights   
Bathroom Mirror Lights    LED Bathroom Lights   
Bathroom Shower Lights   
Featured Products in Bathroom Lighting
Mercury 3 Watt White LED Downlight Frosted Glass
Mercury 3 Watt White LED Downlight Frosted Glass
Tallin 600 Polished Chrome Bathroom Mirror Light
Tallin 600 Polished Chrome Bathroom Mirror Light
Ixtra Polished Chrome Bathroom Shaver Light
Ixtra Polished Chrome Bathroom Shaver Light
Triton 9 Watt Natural White LED Downlight Frosted Glass
Triton 9 Watt Natural White LED Downlight Frosted Glass
Anja Polished Chrome Bathroom Shaver Light
Anja Polished Chrome Bathroom Shaver Light
Cylinder IP65 Black 5 Watt Warm White Surface Mounted LED Downlight
Cylinder IP65 Black 5 Watt Warm White Surface Mounted LED Downlight

Need some Inspiration For Your Bathroom Lighting Scheme?

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Bathroom Lighting Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What Does IP Rating Mean For My Bathroom Lights?

IP rating is a measure that is called Ingress Protection.

Ingress protection is a measure of the sealing effectiveness of enclosures against the intrusion of moisture and solid objects.

So how does this relate to your bathroom lighting? The table below shows how the numbers after the IP relate to your application and what that light is suitable for.

The first digit after the IP refers to the protection the light offers from solid foreign bodies such as dust and dirt.

Number Description
0 No protection
1 Protection from solid objects over 50mm
2 Protection from solid objects over 12mm
3 Protection from solid objects over 2.5mm
4 Protection from solid objects over 1mm
5 Protection from dust
6 Completey protected against all soild objects and dust

The second digit after the IP indicates the degree of protection the light fitting offers against moisture, this is probably more relevant for lights in the damp bathroom environment.

Number Description
0 No protection
1 Protection from vertical falling liquid droplets
2 Protection against sprayed liquid up to 15 degrees from vertical
3 Protection against sprayed liquid up to 60 degrees from the vertical
4 Protection against sprayed liquid from all directions limited ingress permitted
5 Protection against low pressure liquid jets from all directions limited ingress permitted
6 Protection against strong jets of liquid limited ingress permitted
6 Protection against strong jets of liquid limited ingress permitted
7 Protection against temporary immersion in liquid between 15cm and 1 metre - tested for 30 minutes
8 Protection against long periods on submersion into liquid under pressure

See the zone information below that indicates which IP rating is require for each bathroom zone.

What Do Zones 0, 1, 2 and 3 Mean?

The diagram below shows how the zones are broken down for bathroom lighting installations.

Bathroom Lighting 

Zone 0: This is the area inside the shower or bath. Any light fittings used in Zone 0 must be 12 volt and have a minimum of IP67 rating.

Zone 1: This area is above the bath or shower to a height of 2.25 metres. You may use 240 volt light fittings in this zone and all bathroom light fittings must have an IP rating no less than IP44. It is also a requirement that if 240 volt bathroom light fittings are used in this zone then an RCD unit must be used.

Zone 2: This is the area over 2.25 metres above the bath or shower unit and 0.6 metres around the bath or shower cubicle, you should also note the 0.6 metre radius around the basin unit. This zone requires all light fittings to have an IP rating of no less than IP44. You can use 240 volt bathroom light fittings in this area but we would recommend that an RCD unit is used.

Zone 3: Zone 3 covers anywhere outside of zones 1,2 & 3. There is no IP rating required for zone 3, although there are exceptions if you are using a wet room. We would advise that you consult and electrician if you are unsure.

Can I Use Plug In Lights In My Bathroom?

Plug in lights in any form must be avoided in the bathroom area. The light will not have been designed for use in a bathroom.

Can I Have A Switch For My Lights In The Bathroom?

Yes you can use a pull cord switch in the bathroom area. You must not use a standard rocker switch in the bathroom area as wet hands on a rocker switch can be very dangerous. If you want to use a rocker switch or dimmer switch then these must be located outside of the bathroom.

How Far Apart Should I Put Down Lights In My Bathroom?

There is no real rule to this it is just down to personal choice. Generally we recommend between 700mm Ė 1000mm apart and about 50-100cm from the wall. This will obviously vary if you have an odd shaped bathroom. Some points to consider:

Try to think about where the light will be required when positioning because once the holes are drilled for the lights it is very difficult to go back. The positions of the lights need to allow for where the bath is, where the shower is and where the sink is located. All of these areas will require a good amount of light. The basin is always a difficult one as you are normally stood over it looking in the mirror and a downlight positioned above the head will cause a shadow so we recommend either an illuminated mirror, shaver light or wall lights either side of the mirror.

The shower is another area to think about as you will normally require a downlight in the shower cubicle because when the door or curtain are shut it will cut out a lot of light.

Where Should I Put Lights Around The Bathroom Mirror?

If you have a mirror above the basin then lights either side or above the mirror are a great idea. Lights either side of the bathroom mirror should be at around eye level and a shaver light above makes a good addition as well, this will prevent any shadowing.

Do Your Bathroom Shaver Lights Charge Razors And Toothbrushes When The Light Is Off?

This is a question we are asked a lot. Yes all of the bathroom shaver lights in our range will charge a razor or electric tooth brush when the light is turned off.

Can I Dim The Lights In My Bathroom?

Yes you can dim lights in the bathroom as long as they are not using energy saver light bulbs. As previously talked about the normal dial dimmer switch would need to be located outside of the bathroom.

Why Do I Have To Use Different Lights In The Shower Area?

Referring back to the bathroom zones image, the shower area comes into zone 1 so lighting in this area comes under different regulations. The reason for this is there is much more steam and danger of splashing the lights.

Can I Use Energy Saver Light Bulbs In My Bathroom Lighting Scheme?

Yes you can use energy saver light bulbs in the bathroom lighting, some of our bathroom lighting range come with energy saver light bulbs as standard and some you can change for energy saver light bulbs after you have purchased the lights. Please be aware though that standard types of energy saver light bulbs cannot be dimmed although there are more types coming onto the market now that can be dimmed. The Table Below Shows Equivalent Energy Saver Light Bulbs Wattages:

Incandescent Lamp Wattage
Equivalent Energy Saver Lamp Wattage
40 Watt
9 Watt
60 Watt
11 Watt
75 Watt
15 Watt
100 Watt
20 Watt

Can I have a Chandelier In My Bathroom?

Believe it or not some bathrooms can have Chandeliers, these are probably only suited more to the larger bathrooms. The larger bathrooms that are well spread out would can have a chandelier as they would come into zone 3 if they are far enough away from the water sources. We would recommend that you have good air extraction and always consult an electrician before going ahead with anything.

Can I Install Bathroom Lighting Myself?

Yes you can do the installation of the lights yourself but we always recommend that a fully NIC registered electrician carries out any wiring work.

Can I Use LED Lights In My Bathroom?

Yes, LEDís are the most energy efficient form of lighting on the market. We can supply LED lights for pretty much all bathroom areas.

Can I Use Ceiling Lights Intended Use in Other Areas Of The Home In My Bathroom?

No, it is very important that you use only lighting that is specifically designed for use in the bathroom. Bathroom lighting is sealed to prevent moisture getting to the electrical parts of the light because as we all know water and electricity do not mix!

Every room in the home should have a specific feel and bathroom lighting can enhance this space, whether you choose wall lights, LED lights, mirror lights or a pleasing combination of several types.

Polished chrome 
bathroom wall lightBathroom lighting presents challenges that may not be present in other rooms of the home. It's best to learn about zones in which fixtures can be placed.

For example, Zone 0 designates the interior of the bath or shower. Electrical fixtures in this zone must be low voltage. There are two additional zones with specific guidelines for placement and voltage, in addition to No Zone (formerly Zone 3).

Within these important guidelines it's possible to provide style and class with the right combination of ceiling lights , halogen fixtures, mirrors and other creative ideas. It's tempting to concentrate only on necessity when planning bathroom lighting but there is much more to a well-designed bathroom than safety and practicality. It is important to combine proper lighting in the wash-basin area with well- placed mirrors so that shaving, hair-styling and other personal-grooming activities can be completed without stress.

Many homeowners and interior designers emphasize softer light with minimum shadows for bathroom lighting. IP-3000 Bathroom 
Downlight Too often we find harsh, open lights that create a very uncomfortable atmosphere. Give some thought to the location and style of light above the mirror, for example.

For additional light, consider using wall sconces. Recessed lighting and fixtures that are flush with the ceiling surface are also great ideas. Don't hesitate when it comes to choosing colour and design for your bathroom lighting.